Louise Bessette

Louise Bessette


«  On February 12, 1992, I left Paris to go to Halifax, invited by the Debut Atlantic Society to do an eight-concert tour in the Atlantic provinces.


I knew very little about this part of Canada, and have played only a few concerts there at the very beginning or my career : in 1981, as the winner of the S.C. Eckhardt-Gramatté Competition, and in 1982 as part of the Jeunesses Musicales du Canada.


My musical life being now very active both in Europe and in North America, I must admit that I had my doubts about the importance this tour would have for me. It is the reason why I lose no time to pay homage to all those people I have met and spent time with during these two weeks and who have transformed my stay in the Maritimes into an unforgettable experience.


All these concerts have been followed closely and with much enthusiasm by the radio, the television and the press. In all those cities where I have performed, I have been received by a large audience both warm and attentive as well as curious and receptive; I should mention that I was presenting a program of music of the twentieth century including Ravel, Debussy, Janacek, Scriabin, and the Canadian composers Ann Southam, Daniel Foley, Alexina Louie, Linda Catlin Smith and Jacques Hétu.


I felt this exceptional atmosphere, which is so important to an artist, not to mention the excellent technical conditions, from the moment I arrived in Halifax and from the very first concert in Charlottetown. All that I had to do, all through my tour, was to give the love and the passion I have for the music of our century. And each concert has been a magic moment.


I am anxious to thank everybody who worked closely or from a distance on this tour, and particularly the Canada Council Touring Office, IGA Hometown Proud, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (thank you so much to Mr. Adrian Hoffman).


I would conclude by offering my congratulations to the one who gives all his energy in the organization of these tours, and thanking him sincerely from the bottom of my heart…..I am talking of course about the director of Debut Atlantic, Mr. Dean Brinton. »

–          Louise Bessette (March 16th , 1992)