Christina Tannous

Christina Tannous

Performed with: Michael McMahon, Stephen Ham

“I remember having a wonderful time discovering the Maritimes, as it was my first time in that part of Canada.  I had never taken so many planes in such a small chunk of time!  I remember the beautiful sceneries, tasting cod tongue and cheeks, eating the best fish and chips in Newfoundland, marveling at the red earth and roads in PEI and the stunning views of St-John’s, driving by the beautiful coasts of Nova Scotia…  I remember eating out at a restaurant in Antigonish (to was in Annapolis Royal?), we ordered scallops.  It took a while so the waiter came to apologize for the delay.  They had just received their shipping straight for the sea!  I never thought scallops could taste this way 🙂

But most of all, I remember meeting wonderful and warm people!  And of course, making music with my precious colleagues Michael McMahon and Stephen Ham.  Seven concerts, seven moments of grace for us.

I was also asked to give a master class during that tour, I was 25 years old.  I couldn’t believe I was giving master classes to young voice students who were not much younger than me!  A wonderful experience it was to share knowledge with other young enthusiastic singers.

I would go tour the Maritimes with Debut Atlantic again in a heartbeat!”

– Christina Tannous (August 15, 2014)